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Brain Hearing

Hearing affects everything between your ears, not least your brain. With the help of BrainHearing technology, Carolina Hearing Services can support your need for an active, healthy, happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

How does hearing affect the brain?

While no two people share identical hearing profiles, the human ears are supposed to pick up speech and daily sounds with minimal hassle. Unfortunately, when the quality of your natural hearing is compromised, the brain is forced to work harder in a bid to compensate for that loss. This pressure subsequently causes a number of problems.

When hearing difficulties are left untreated, the continued stress on your ears is likely to make you feel tired while it can also result in social isolation, as you cannot play an active role in conversations. Studies show that this can significantly increase the risks of depression and dementia among a number of other health issues.

Therefore, your quality of hearing can impact your immediate happiness as well as your long-term health, which is why any diagnosed hearing problems must be treated in the appropriate fashion. Carolina Hearing Services’ Clinical Audiologist, Dr. Abby Connell confirms that BrainHearing technology is the ideal solution.

What is BrainHearing technology?

Oticon’s BrainHearing technology is a sound-processing platform that can be used in a range of modern hearing devices designed to actively support the brain as well as the ears. The advanced hearing instruments have the ability to modify only the parts of the signal that the individual’s ear doesn’t register as it should. 

This technology completely transforms the way in which the brain processes sound, with benefits including;

  • A 30% increase in understanding speech while surrounded by noise.
  • A 20% increase in retaining information heard during conversations.
  • A 20% reduction in the strain put on your brain.
  • A noticeable increase in your detection of where sounds are coming from.
  • A personalized YouMatic hearing experience for far better results than outdated technologies.

Hearing aids powered by BrainHearing technology enable the user to detect a greater range of sounds with far greater ease. All the while, the user can focus on speech while the brain maintains access to the full picture of background sounds. This truly is the next level of treatment for a host of hearing-related difficulties.

How does BrainHearing technology improve your life?

The quantifiable data and promises of scientific improvements are one thing, but the real rewards come from the enhanced lifestyle you’ll inevitably enjoy. With the help of BrainHearing hearing aids, you’ll start to notice;

  • You can play a more active role in family life.
  • Your enjoyment of social activities increases.
  • Heightened motivation levels to chase personal and career goals.
  • Greater energy levels as well as increased comfort and happiness.
  • You’ll have fewer mental distractions on a daily and long-term basis.

Carolina Hearing Services take great pride in working with BrainHearing technology as Dr. Abby Connell and her team know that those devices are the key to restoring healthy hearing and a happy existence.

So, if you’re in need of a world-class treatment to get your life back to normal, take the first step by calling 843-242-0665.